About Us

In spring of 2007 James Wengerd was introduced to the concept of using Perma-Columns as an alternative to putting treated wood posts in the ground. As a young man growing up on his Dads dairy farm, James experienced first hand that treated wood posts will eventually rot off. A number of their posts were rotten in as little as 10-15 years – a few even less than 10 years.

 After investigating other ways of protecting treated wood posts, he decided that Perma-Column was by far the best option as concrete and steel quite simply does not rot. When James contemplated making Perma-Columns available to the North Western USA, he discovered the closest manufacturing facility was in Illinois. Purchasing the columns from Illinois was not a good option because of shipping costs.  This led him to make the decision to buy a franchise from Perma-Column Inc. and begin manufacturing the Perma-Columns in Noxon Montana with plans to make them readily available to contractors and building suppliers all over the North Western United States.

Mission Statement

We hope that you will find your relationship with us a prosperous and rewarding experience. We strongly emphasize our commitment to you the customer, and devote our time and effort to doing our best to please and satisfy each individual that walks into our office.

Commitment to Customers:

  • Provide each of our clients with complete respect.
  • Provide what we have agreed to and more, but never less.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to all questions.
  • Provide the best quality product and service available as compared to the industry standards.
  • Provide the TRUTH, we will never to knowingly promise that which we can not fulfill.

Commitment to God:

  • Committed to God, whom we hold as the Creator of all, the Judge of all.
  • Committed to honor Him and bring Him glory through our actions and speech.
  • Committed to honor Him in the way we treat our fellowman, as well as how we run our business.